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Sarah Offers a basic 3d printing service for those that wish to have their designs printed.

And offers advice of where to start if you are new to 3d printing.


She is just a call or email away.





About Sarah Cotterill

The nine-year-old Sarah Cotterill didn't particularly enjoy school; in truth, it was an ordeal. Success or praise remained elusive until one day in Art class, when she was presented with some plasticine. She fashioned a 3-D dinosaur so well that it astounded her teacher. The confusing jumble of numbers and letters that constituted much of her school experience was swept away by the resounding success of her first ever sculpture. The stegosaurus was the talk of the school and went on to win First Prize in the Garden Fete Exhibition. 


Mostly self-taught, Sarah has honed her techniques with regular studio work over the last fourteen years. She takes inspiration from the natural world; much of her work laments humanity's lost connection with the magic of leaf and twig. A strong theme of her recent work is an exploration of an alternative evolutionary route, with humanity merging with botanical matter - fauna and flora re-united.  It is perhaps the standard bearer for Sarah's artistic reconnection of humanity and the forest.

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