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Elephant Project

The steps taken to create a female asian Elephant.


1st, there was a sketch drawn and then copied and increased to the desirable scale. This was then outlined on to a sheet of expanded polystyrene. In the example 2" sheet was used in six layers glued together.

1. Here the form has been cut out and the start of the basic shape has been carved away.



2. Most of the initial carving has now been done. the model now is slimmer to allow for a clay layer to be added later.


3. The model is now stabilised with  paper and a waterproof PVA glue layer.



Clay is applied to the model at about 1/2" thickness.



The ears are added and greater detail is worked in to the clay.



Adding more detail and finishing touches, making ready for mould making.



Coming Soon

3d Printing




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Our Elephant Project

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